Who are you?

I'm James Salvatore.

I'm big into math. Usually topology and algebra. I also dig trying to write about math to make it a bit easier to understand.

If you need to get in touch with me (for anything except homework help!), I'm at jimmysalvatore dot uc at gmail dot com.

What is this site?

This blog is the 2.0 version of my old site. Most of my posts I attempt to make accessible for undergrad math majors — many are introductions to things that I think are pretty neat that I've just read about. Some posts will be more advanced, but I'll try to note the prereqs before posting something like that. If you've got some neat ideas or something is terribly wrong, feel free to email me and let me know, or post a comment at the bottom of the page!

How can I help you out?

This site is, and will always be, free with no ads of any kind anywhere. However, to keep this site running does cost a little bit each year --- and as a recent graduate I'm not exactly swimming in bags of gold. If you'd like to donate a little bit to keep the site afloat it would help me out immensely! <3333333

If I get enough donations to support the site for this year, I'll post something here to let you guys know. Any extra donations will go (even split) to the National Math+Science Initiative and the MidWest Dachshund Rescue.

The (Manually Updated) Donation Meter for 2013!
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Do you do things besides math?


I'm into, but not good at, photography.

I've got a no-math-books reading list that I update periodically.

Every year, I pick one or two things to do for that year; sometimes it's to learn something, sometimes it's to culture myself, sometimes it's just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Previous years included: watching every movie on the IMDb Top 250 list (I now have a longer, slowly-shrinking list of movies-to-watch), learning to crochet, trying my hand at Dvorak typing, peddling away on a unicycle, and listening to the Guardian's top 1000 songs to hear before you die. This coming year, I'm hoping to practice jiu-jitsu and learn to blow glass.

"We are no longer untroubled — we are indifferent."

All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque.