Data Analysis for Novice Programmers.

  1. Starting Tools.

    1. Stuff You’ll Need.
  2. Introduction to Using Python for Data Analysis.

    1. Making and Plotting Some Data.
    2. Some Basic Statistics with Python.
    3. Importing Data, Manipulating Lists, and Using NumPy.
    4. Displaying Data.
  3. Getting Deeper into NumPy and Pandas.

    1. NumPy Arrays.
    2. Introducing Pandas.
    3. Project: CPS Algebra Exit Exams.
    4. Project: Dropout Rate and Median Income.
    5. Project: Ethnic Groups Moving Out of Louisiana.
    6. Project: Chicago Budget Appropriations.
  4. Real-Time Data Harvesting.

    1. What is an API?
    2. Python and Twitter.
  5. The Google Maps API.

    1. Working with the URL.
    2. Google Map API Basics.
    3. Python and the Google Map API.

What is all this?

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