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Part 3, Section 2:

Introduction to Wireless Security (Optional!).

[Note: this section is optional for three reasons: (a) the equipment is not free (see below), (b) the tutorial may not work for you at this point — Ubuntu seems to be somewhat annoying when it comes to using mdk3, but it seems to work if you mess around with it a bit, and (c) we will be covering most of this in more detail later in the course. None of the material after this section will depend on this section.]

At this point, you might be getting a bit bored; after all, we've been working purely on a single computer and these days networks are the big thing. At this point you know enough to get into the mix, so we'll throw you right into the deep end.

Important Note: I've noted that everything in this course is free — and this is still going to be somewhat true. Unfortunately, laptops simply don't have the ability to do some interesting network things that we'd like to do in this section. One solution is to buy a long range wifi network adapter; this particular one (the Alfa AWUS036H) seems to be (by far) the most popular of the lot, and it's also the cheapest (mine was around $20). In addition to helping us with our network security dealings, it is also a nice range extension — which is nice if you sit at coffeeshops with weak signals. The unfortunate other alternative is to simply not buy the adapter but watch the videos and understand the topics that are being gone over. Either way is fine — I watched the videos while I was waiting for my adapter to be shipped, then I watched and worked along with the videos when it came).

Necessary Software:

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