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Part 2, Section 5:
A Bit of Programming.

A Teaspoon of C.

Assembly is important for the extreme low-level micromanaging that it allows us to do but it takes a ton of time and thinking to create anything more than simple programs. On the other extreme, Python lets us do nearly anything we want relatively easily at the expense of us not knowing exactly what the computer is doing at the basic memory level. Somewhere between these two extremes falls the C programming language. Briefly put: C is the most widely used programming language of all time, and many think that it is one of (if not the) top languages that everyone should know. Because you already know some Python the syntax of C won't surprise you all that much and because you know some Assembly the memory management aspects of C won't be all that troubling to you. Nonetheless, this is not a course in programming, so we will not spend much time with C, but because so much code is written in C it will be well worth it to invest a bit of time.

  1. Exercises.

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