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Part 0, Section 1:
Starting Tools.

Ubuntu Linux.

Because of its relative ease-of-use (and because it's free), we'll be working with the Ubuntu operating system. It's not scary, trust me! If you've been using Windows or Mac OS then you'll feel perfectly at home in Ubuntu; moreover, you don't have to uninstall your current operating system to use it. The program Virtual Box makes a "fake computer" inside your "real computer" and allows you to open up Ubuntu while you're still on your normal operating system. Neato.

Here are step-by-step instructuions on how to install Ubuntu on Virtual Box. You should pick the "Extended Support" 32-bit version. Once you do this, feel free to mess around a little bit in Ubuntu and check out some of the stuff you can do

WARNING: Make sure that you get the 32-bit version of Ubuntu, and NOT the 64-bit version. It shouldn't matter what kind of computer your "real" computer is, you should be able to install the 32-bit Ubuntu. On their download page, they call this the "flavour" of Ubuntu. Weird.

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